Portuguese Training - Features "Learn Portuguese online through well designed tutorials and exercises for reading, listening comprehension, dialogs, etc. Learn at your own pace wherever you are."

Portuguese Training Features

Portuguese Training is an extensive online learning system that incorporates a wide range of tutorials, exercises and practices that will help you to achieve your goal of dominating the Portuguese language.

The system is structured in a way that allows each user to address their specific needs at the appropriate level of complexity. For example, some people are comfortable reading but need to expand their vocabulary. Others have difficulty reading and need to start by improving that. A third group may be interested in deepening their knowledge of Portuguese verbs, and so on.

Each individual has its own requirements and learning preferences and we keep this in mind in everything we do. The system is very flexible and allows you to grow at your own pace.

Below are some high-level details of what you can expect from our system.

Overall Details

Most exercises include audio to show you the correct pronunciation.

All exercises have multiple levels of complexity; you can start at the level that is most comfortable for you.

Target Audience

Portuguese Training can be used by anyone that is interested in learning or improving his Portuguese. From those that are starting from scratch and intend to learn by themselves, to those that have already some knowledge and may be already studying Portuguese, everybody can benefit from our system.

Practice Categories

A series of lessons about rules, grammar and other aspects of the language that are important to know to help you structure sentences correctly.

A set of exercises that will help you to improve your reading skills.

A large collection of exercises that will expand your vocabulary. These exercises are divided by groups like nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. There are also scenario-directed exercises, like terms related to money, food, etc. This type of grouping allows you to prioritize and focus on these areas where you need more attention.

One of the strongest areas in Portuguese Training is related to verbs. A good knowledge of verbs, their structure and how to conjugate them is fundamental to fully understand the Portuguese language. Therefore, we have dedicated special attention to this topic, with a variety of exercises that include present, past, future and imperative.

Listening Comprehension
The listening comprehension exercises will help you get used to conversational Portuguese, more specifically with the listening part of it, so you can better understand when people talk to you.

If writing in Portuguese is part of your requirements, our writing exercises will help you to improve your writing skills. This is usually the case for those that need to learn a new language for work, like writing emails, reports, etc.

Learning Portuguese through songs is an enjoyable and efficient, and it's an integral part of our curriculum. You will have a lot of fun with our exercises based on songs.

Special features for teachers and schools
Our system includes features that can help teachers to increase the effectiveness of their classes. It can be used by teachers delivering private classes or those teaching larger groups. If you are a Portuguese teacher or school coordinator click here to learn more about what we offer for your needs.

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