Online Spanish Training - Learn Vocabulary, Verbs, Dialogs, Songs "Learn Spanish online through well designed tutorials and exercises for reading, listening comprehension, dialogs, etc. Learn at your own pace wherever you are."

Spanish Training - Your Online Spanish Trainer

Spanish Training is here to help you learn, practice and improve your Spanish knowledge.

Learning a language requires constant practice. Our tutorials will teach you the basics and our exercises will help you to practice and assimilate the language.

Our exercises will help you to improve your reading skills, increase your listening comprehension, expand your vocabulary, understand Spanish verbs better, and much more. In essence, Spanish Training is all you need to dominate the Spanish language.

Our exercises are separated by categories and levels, allowing you to select the exercises that are most appropriate to your current level. Learn at your own pace, wherever you are.

If you are just starting or if you already have some initial knowledge, Spanish Training is here for you. We can help you regardless if you are studying by your own or if you are already enrolled in any type of Spanish classes.

Our Spanish training is currently available for English, French, Portuguese and Hebrew speakers. To learn more about our features click here.

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Students' Comments

  • I'm loving this system! It is helping me tremendously. Thank you so much for everything. - H.B.

  • This is excellent. It's even better than my real regular classes... - B.V.

  • Well done! That's exactly what I needed! - F.N.

  • This training is helping me a lot with my vocabulary and pronunciation! - G.K

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