Spanish Training - Class Management "Learn Spanish online through well designed tutorials and exercises for reading, listening comprehension, dialogs, etc. Learn at your own pace wherever you are."

Spanish Training - A System for Teachers and Students

"Spanish Training" was designed to help people interested in learning Spanish. It includes online tutorials and exercises and it's a great complement for any language class.

The system is a collection of tutorials and exercises that a student can perform after classes while attending a course or even during classes as long as there are computing facilities.

Our system is recommended for beginners as well as for advanced students. The exercises are divided by levels, allowing students to start at the level that's most convenient for them.

Main Features

"Spanish Training" includes exercises for reading, listening comprehension, vocabulary, verbs and much more. The vocabulary exercises are divided by categories like nouns, adjectives, adverbs and others. We give special attention to verbs, with a large amount of exercises including present, past, future, imperative and infinitive.

Teachers' and Schools' Features

From a school or teacher perspective, the system includes a Class Management Module that allows teachers to define assignments for their students, therefore allowing for customization of their students' exercises. You can think of it as an online homework facility that can be incorporated into your language classes to increase their efficiency and quality.

Our system can be used with any size of organization, from a single teacher that has a few private students to a large organization with multiple classes.

Features for Private Classes

For teachers providing private classes, we include a facility that allows them to deliver remote classes through our system. For example, the teacher can be in one location and the student in another. The teacher can then remotely control the session and follow everything the student is doing.

Equipment Requirements

The only requirement is a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and an internet connection.

Pricing for Students

"Spanish Training" is a subscription-based service. There are no long-term commitments and students can cancel their subscription at any time. We have 3 subscription levels, with the basic one being free and the higher levels priced at US 19.90/month and US 29.90/month. We can charge in 4 different currencies, like US Dollar, Euro, Brazilian Real and Israeli Shekel.

Pricing for Teachers and Schools

There are two pricing options for teachers or schools that are interested in adopting "Spanish Training" as a recommended practice tool for their students.

The first one is by recommending the individual subscription to their students. In this model each student pays for their own subscription and we don't charge the school for enabling the Class Management Module. This alternative allows teachers and schools to use our system without any direct cost. In this model we require that students subscribe to one of the paid subscriptions.

The second alternative is for schools or teachers to offer "Spanish Training" built in to their course by absorbing the cost of the subscription into their honoraries. For schools that prefer this option we offer a discounted price per student based on the amount of students being enrolled.

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